Marketing Strategy

PFL has achieved its status in this competitive line of fabric business by excelling at what it does – simply by ‘the way’ it does it. The perceptive and experienced group of board members appointed, do justice to their positions by handling their roles, in a very precise and thorough manner.

PFL, like other organizations in its field procures orders from dealers across the country for various designs/shades. It then collates the figures and places consolidated order on Raymond Ltd. at periodic intervals. These brands include the regular merchandise of Regular Collection made by Raymond: Passion, Auburn, Tesoro, Pantaloni, Silver Touch and several other makes. The stocks once received from Raymond Ltd. are in turn dispatched promptly to the dealers. PFL has spacious office-cum-stocking point at Secunderabad, which is visited by several dealers for the selection of these fabrics and placement of bulk orders. While meeting its client’s regular needs, PFL also provides an extra set of Exclusive labels, designed personally by Mr. Prakash Chand Jain. He combines his vast experience and fashionable quotient to the art of ‘blending’ to create elegant brands such as Snow Crown, Allure and Mirage. He also offers his clientele a range of economy, middle and upper luxury selection to pick and choose from – a way in which the selectively designed fabric can be made available to every class of its customers. Thus, this consistent initiative and creative flow integrated with the unique understanding of style and comfort, shows the company’s commitment to its loyal traders and customers.

To enhance and compliment its superior designer labels, PFL has established a scrupulous marketing network as well. This team of highly skilled professionals includes 30 personnel taking up the roles of Area Sales/Marketing Managers and Assistant Salesmen. These are the people who do the ground research work by visiting various retail stores across the country and book orders at the retailer’s doorstep. Their presence is extremely useful for bookings, price related queries, and fabric or design related information and even as a medium of communication. They are PFL representatives for every store in touch with the company – providing prompt services for every enquiry.

Thus, the company’s accomplishments and accolades are a well - deserved outcome of its strategic planning and timely implementation of its innovative designs. Its exemplary rapport with its dealers, proficient staff and never ending quest for excellence simply adds on to the reasons as for why is it good at what it does, why it survives and why it is undeniably the best in its field.