Business Environment and Competition

Incorporated in the year 1925, The Raymond’s group is a Rs. 4000 Crore+ conglomerate dealing in textiles, readymade garments, engineering files and tools, prophylactics and toiletries. The Group is the leader in textiles, apparels, files and tools in India and enjoys a prestigious position in the International market.Raymond Ltd. is India’s leading producer of worsted suiting fabric with a 60% market share. Raymond is the largest and most respected textile brand in India for “The Complete Man”. The brand addresses the demands of “Fine Fabrics” for men, understands their fashion sense, and fulfills it while adding comfort and character strength to the fabric.

The Company sells suiting/trouser fabric, which is cyclical, is non-existent as there is no substitute product available. Though, there is some competition from other competitor brands such as Grasim. Dinesh, etc., however Raymond fabric users are generally brand loyal. The company is market leader in worsted and poly wool segments.

Raymond’s is one of the strongest and unbeatable brands in India. As PFL is primarily a distributor of this multi-national company, its fortunes are dependent on its good will and performance.PFL has been in this line of business for over 27 years now and has established itself as a successful business partner for Raymond.