Pokarna Fabrics Limited

About Us

Pokarna Fabrics Limited (PFL) is a private entity that has retained its monopoly with the support of Raymond’s in the fabric market for years now. Its renowned reputation and excellent taste in fashion and fabric has always attracted innumerable customers. The company designs, manufactures, deliver not just comfort – but a dream to its loyal users. Over two decades of being in the business, it has established and maintained a healthy and trustworthy relation with scores of dealers all over India. PFL is now a prestigious congregation that has won several awards for its invaluable accomplishments. Readmore

Founded by Shri Gautam Chand Jain in 1981, the company started with a small shop in M.G. Road, Secunderabad. It was however, Shri Prakash Chand Jain’s and Late Shri Dilip Kumar Jain (Shri Gautam Jain’s younger brothers) perceptive vision and guidance, which helped its growth ten times in size and sales. Hyderabad was the first city to have retail shops, these were closely followed by spacious and luxurious warehouses. As business expanded, the work was delegated to efficient and responsible dealers all over India.

Today, PFL manages a healthy working partnership with over 500 partners and caters to their every need in a routine manner. They have maintained the title of ‘the largest wholesale dealer's for Raymond’s for the last two decades – all due to their excellence in producing exclusive labels and keen sense of design. PFL has kept up with time and its demands in every field possible. Taking customers and dealers hand in hand, it has tried to fulfill every small requirement ranging from style to accuracy, comfort to commitment and even mass production to perfection. A company of such remarkable stature has received a distinction from such peers, followers and workers for its accountability and trustworthiness. Today PFL has one of the largest warehouses situated in the heart of the city in one of the most prestigious buildings of Secunderabad - Surya Towers, S.P. Road.